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yev seen da site*[i hope]. by now ye must hev some idea on how i am as a person. ye may think am ugly, ye may think am uglier, that's fine. that's what dz site is for, to stir a reaction, to stimulate ye in any way possible. that way dz site is not da only thing being viewed & read, ye are too, by da way ye react to it...which is da way yed react to me if ye meet me in da flesh. a note tho, not all things are literal, but only few ppl can read between da lines.....

da site yev seen represents me, in part. it is but just a piece of me, a piece defined by other worlds. these worlds are not mine but they're part of me now. timothy hunter had a mundane egg. it hatches to create new worlds. take a pick into dz worlds & ye might just hear a tiny, soft crack.....

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* all black / big fat kill

da beating of mighty wings death
can ye free yer mind? carpe noctem
ideas in motion, remain in motion vertigo
where only da thin die death theatre
we are TRULY not alone real x-files
embrace da night nosferatu
a bell jar of blood unhappy
daddy's gonna buy ye a big black bird nevermore

|| da Killings ||
|| get branded | got branded ||

May 28, 1999
Best Viewed With An Open Mind

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