~ dream's death ~

a dream is dying inside all of us

[ am in alot of trouble because of da content of dz page. i didn't know that ppl could react in such a hasty manner that reason could be thrown out of da window just like that. still, am putting dz darn thing up. why?, someone would ask. becoz i want to, & coz of da fact that i never intended to hurt anyone with dz & no one is s'posed to get hurt by it. & maybe dz page is about me now, for someone thinks am a pig-thick skinned lying wanker. so, pls keep yer flames to yerselves, unless of kers ye see yer name in here. before ye assume anything, ask 1st. ]

is telling da truth really that hard? i guess so, everyone's into wearing masks dz days. think dz is becoz looks matter most, however hard we try to deny it. am not mad that ppl lie. i am disappointed!! truth, no matter how ugly it is, is what i want. it's a matter of respect. ye show up with nothing on but yer soul, no face, no mask. ergo, ye should be getting da same thing in return. we can live in a true world, or we can just dream about it. time for ye to wake up.
i do not kow how yed react if i lie to ye. reckon yer gonna feel just fine. why? maybe becoz ye feel just fine doing da same thing to me. i do not really know if dz is true, but it really seems like it is. maybe yer just trying to get a reaction, just like what i am trying to. but it would be alot better if ye try to stir something up with da truth. stop faking it. there is a higher probability that ye'll be getting a fake reaction too. or is that what ye really wanted?
there are 2 types of persons that get lied to da most. 1st, there's da stoopid guy. of kers ye will only be dishonest to someone who ye know won't hev any idea that he's being duped. then again, looks is deceiving, but a liar knows that, that's his area- deception. 2nd is da scary guy. ye lie to him becoz ye feel that he can't handle da truth & that if he finds out about it he's suddenly gonna turn ballistic on ye. dz guy is da 1 which, ye feel, will stomp ye to a pulp & hang ye by yer balls if ever he finds out yer playing him for a fool. still, ye take yer chances, trying to get da most of yer remaining time on earth, until he finds out. which 1 am i? ye decide. maybe i'd be placing a poll here pretty soon.

a NOTE on respect. ye hev it coming into dz world. it's for ye to decide whether to keep it until da end. fuck da idea that respect is something that ye gain. ye hev IT from da start, but ye can lose it. now, if only some ppl can find their maps.


you hide your eyes
but the ugly truth
just loves to give it away
you gave yourself
if you were mine to give
i might throw it away
you share but money can't give
what the truth takes away
throw it away


generation degradation
yes, deceits in all your eyes
a truth is but a blanket
used to hide a million lies
i now can introduce you to
what we help create
i am, i am, i am
man 98

<< MAN 98 >>

sure to play a part
so you love the game
and in truth your lies
become one and same
let the sun
never blind your eyes
let me sleep
so my teeth won't grind
hear a sound
from the voice inside

<< GRIND >>
many secrets have you
many secrets you have
but it's only a matter of time
did you finally decide
there's nowhere to hide
and really no reason why
strong is your body
strong as your bones
strong as your bloody lie
is uncovered

so listen to me
i'll tell you firmly
what's on my mind
i stand before you
as bare as ever
i wear no disguise
now bow to the emperor worm
how absurd
now bow to the emperor worm
emperor worm you deserve

i tried to love you
i thought i could
i tried to own you
i thought i would
i want to peel the skin
from your face
before the real you
lays to waste


|| Pathways To Murder ||
|| get branded || got branded ||
all new burns.. darn guestgear crashed on me

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