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Now it can be told they're legends. Who am I talking about?... the greatest rock band that ever graced this hellish world, SOUNDGARDEN. Though they've disbanded, no one can really say that SG is no more. On the other hand this stage in the bands evolution has added to the fact that they are gods greatest gift to rock n' roll. Many were and are still disappointed over the break up, the true reasons of which we'll never know. But the fact still remains that fellow Sommsters still have their CD platters loaded with SG Albums. Am still praying that Temple of the Dog won't stay as just a "tribute" project for long.

** here is a list of da songs that are s'posed to be in chris' album:
wave goodbye (tribute to Jeff Buckley)
the disappearing one(with Matt)
steel rain
can't change me
preaching the end of the world
** da b-sides compilation that Kim is working on will come out after da release of chris's solo album.....

** da release of chris' solo album has been pushed back again...news has it that it'll be out september of da current year

** da fooman, matt cameron, recently was in a chat over at boom theory, he said that he's not joining Pearl Jam...but he also said that he's filling in permanently on drums...according to matt, pj's doing 2 of his songs on their next album...

** matt cameron was da drummer for 'pearl jam' in da band's just concluded U.S. tour....they released a live album which features tracks taken from da said concert tour.....pearl jam - live on 2 legs

** A - sides, a compilation of some of the finest SG singles came out November 3 + 4 1997. The first since the bands break up last April, this will be a great starter CD for those who haven't heard SG before...ye unfortunate MF!!

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