+ tear drops +

someone told me that i shouldn't force myself to draw if i can't. well, she's right about that. then again dz is my page, i can do anything i wanna do with it. btw, if any of da drawings look ugly...it's becoz of da scanner....hehehe. & yah, am a cartoonist...i don't draw real ppl...as if there are any of those dz days...

dz 1 i copied from a vampire book. ye can somehow tell from da way it looks. i did dz with alcohol in my system, & ice cream too. i did several sketches after arriving from angel's party[my godchild, pareng conge's daughter]. maybe da fact that i was able to shake jollibee's hand inspired me. after doing a couple of nudes, i looked for dz book that my bro bought, a book that i came to claim as mine. here is da result. da touch.
it was night, as usual....was playing with da dogs...how many are they now?...4..then i realized my favorite dog wasn't there anymore, he died when i was in college. why do i like dz dog so much? well, for 1, he had dz 2 fangs that are always out...he can't put them inside his mouth. that gave him a ferocious look. as if he's always ready to bite someone. all of my darbs were afraid of him, so is ev'ryone else. bogart. so he looks like someone from dc, but that is how i remember him to be... so, bite me....fan boy
noticed dz toy figure on da desk. da darn thing looks a li'l like me, fuck!!, why can't i grow a goatee?!.... it's a toy that came with McDo's happy meal. he's pan with an attitude. a character from some disney cartoon. can't recall what. hell, who cares. i've always been into demons, devils, & anything that has horns. lord.

+ Pathways To Murder +
+ get branded + got branded +
all new burns.. darn guestgear crashed on me

September 29, 2000
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