Angels Fallen

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Elizabeth "LIZ" Clark Phair, is a Chicago based indie rocker who'll change your idea(if you still have that bullwhip of an idea) that the other gender cannot rock. She has 2[3, now that whitechocolatespaceegg came out] critically acclaimed major releases under her name. As if appearing from some far away galaxy...or is it from heaven...she came out with her first major release in 1993, Exile in Guyville, for an indie-label release, it was phenomenal, selling more than 300,000 copies. Critics are still debating over which aspect of the album recieved the most attention. Was it because Liz' lyrics were not for the timid and the boring. Lyrics that sort of said "Can I be true to myself as a women and be frank for a moment". Maybe it was because of the people who grabbed on her use of the words like fuck, cunt...., and other such stuff. Lines like..."You can rent me by the hour" or "I get wet between my legs....". Whatever is the reason, Liz was bombarded with praises from indie-rock critics. Exile was awarded Album of the Year by New York's Village Voice. A first time since Joni Mitchell did it in 1974 that a woman received the award. Of course, here in the Philippines nobody knows Liz Phair or Exile in Guyville, except maybe me.....who saw her first in MTV's 120 Minutes(the one they used to air late at night, like when no one is awake anymore, think they retuned the program and named it Alternative Nation, IMHO, 120 is still better).....was it what they call love at first sight/hear....guess so....

Her second album did get more attention here at fact, one track got air play. Supernova was played by NU107 and LA105(who used to play great songs). The album, Whip-Smart was also released here but you can't find it anymore. So I consider my tape a treasure...... but I had to source the CD outside of the country....and got to spend more money....but it's all worth it...if you get to hear her you'll know what I'm talking about.

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